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Common Window and Door Questions in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City | Polk County


  • How much of a mess are you going to make? There may be some dust, so we cover the floor with drop cloths. We also vacuum with a shop vac to clean up any remaining debris. When the installation is complete the area where the work was completed is often cleaner than when we arrived! Check out our Install page to learn more about the process. 

  • How do you take the old window out? We deglaze the glass out of the window using heat and a putty knife. We cut the frame with a sawzall, then separate the inward from the drywall and stucco.


  • Is there going to be any stucco damage? No. There will not be any damage to the stucco.


  • How long do they have to wait before the job starts? Once the contract is signed and the order is placed it normally takes 2-4 weeks before the installation begins. We are working on reducing this lead time. Every installation is our highest priority and quality is most important, therefore we will not rush through your job in order to move on to the next one. 


  • How long from start to finish? It all depends on how many windows and/or doors you are having us replace. A job normally takes 1-2 days but some can take 4-5 days.


  • What is the difference between aluminum and vinyl window? An aluminum window frame will either be hot or cold depending on the temperature outside your home. They also only have a 1/2” spacer in the glass making it a 1/2” glass unit not giving a good insulation. A Vinyl window has a thicker frame and will stay the same temperature as the inside of your home and comes as a 3/4” glass unit with lowE/Argon giving optimal insulation and efficiency.

  • What is low E and Argon gas? Why are they important? LowE filters the UV rays coming through the glass not allowing any heat to come into your home. Argon filters the cold in the winter which also helps to hold your A/C inside your home in the summer.

  • Do you service or repair windows and doors? Yes, we do service and repair old windows if possible.


  • Do your windows or doors have a warranty? Yes! We give a lifetime warranty on our installation and we also take care of any warranty services for you through the manufacture.



  • Will this help with noise level? Absolutely. you will notice a decrease in the outdoor noise level.


  • Will this help with energy efficiency? Yes, you will notice a difference in the way your home cools and holds temperature. Some installs are subtle while others are very drastic. It depends on many factors we can review with you.


  • Do you manufacture your own windows? No, we do not manufacture our own windows and doors but we buy from only the best who provide a strong warranty to better serve our customers

  • Do you recommend special windows for homes in hurricane zones? Impact windows are a great choice and have added strength and durability. 

  • How do we pay for these windows? There is a 50% non refundable deposit at the start of the project. the other half will be collected at the time your job is completed to your satisfaction!