A Guide to Choosing the Right Window Style for Your Home

Jun 28, 2023

Do you want to replace your windows and boost your home’s curb appeal? You’ll find a wide selection of window styles for your replacements—but how do you know which will work best for your home? It’s essential to select window styles that complement your home’s architecture and aesthetic for a seamless look that improves your home’s appearance. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right window style for your home.

Types of Windows

As you start planning your window replacement project, you’ll find myriad window options in different shapes, sizes, and operating mechanisms. Evaluate each one to determine if it fits your home’s aesthetic and the room in which you’re installing the window. Some popular window styles include the following:

Awning Windows

These windows swing upward and feature a hinge at the top, creating an awning. Awning windows can remain open in the rain, offer excellent ventilation, and are great choices for bathrooms.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows feature two hung windows flanking a central picture window. This style offers ample natural light, adds a gorgeous architectural element to your property, and can be designed with a built-in bench. Bow windows are similar but feature four or more windows.

To add a bay or bow window, you’ll need enough space to accommodate them—you may need to reach out to a contractor to add an entirely new bay window to your home.

Casement Windows

This window style swings open like a door from the left or right. When closed, they seal tightly to keep the elements out. If you’re looking for a functional, highly energy-efficient window, casement windows might be perfect.

Double-hung Windows

With two moveable sashes, double-hung windows offer superior ventilation and are extremely easy to clean. These windows are perfect for vertical window openings; make sure to install them low enough so you can reach the top sash.

Single-hung Windows

A single-hung window has one liftable sash and one stationary sash. They offer a classic aesthetic and excellent energy efficiency but don’t offer as much ventilation as a double-hung window.

Garden Windows

A garden window is the answer if you want to add a window over your kitchen sink. This window style juts out, creating a ledge where you can place herbs and plants so that they get plenty of sunlight.

Picture Windows

A picture window is a stationary window that brings maximum natural light and an expansive view of the outdoors. Picture windows are great for rooms that don’t require much privacy or ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Like single-hung and double-hung windows, sliding windows operate on a track and offer good ventilation. However, they glide left to right and are better suited to wide window openings or hard-to-reach spaces, such as over a kitchen sink.

Specialty Windows

If you need a different style for your home, you can always find a window company to craft a specialty window for you. Specialty windows come in numerous sizes, shapes, widths, and lengths to fit unique wall openings.

Choosing one of these window styles depends on how much ventilation you need, the size of your space, and the look you desire. A window technician can confirm that your chosen style is a good fit.

Window Material Options

After choosing the perfect window style, you must determine what material you want for the frames. Some typical materials used for windows include vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Each material offers a different level of energy efficiency, durability, and maintenance requirements. Vinyl and fiberglass are excellent low-maintenance, customizable options that resist temperature changes. Wood is another great choice; however, it requires more maintenance to keep it from warping or becoming damaged.

Need More Help Choosing the Right Window Styles for Your Home?

While this comprehensive guide can help you determine which windows are perfect for your home, there’s no substitute for a professional opinion. If you’d like to speak to an expert about window styles, contact Polk County Window and Door today. Our team would be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation. We install top-of-the-line products and can help you design the perfect windows for your home.