Best Window Styles for Florida Homes

Feb 15, 2024

When it comes to choosing window styles for your Florida home, there are plenty of great options to pick from. Whether you’re looking for windows that maximize sunlight or help improve airflow throughout your home, certain window styles will better suit your needs than others. Fortunately, most window styles will offer the attractive aesthetic appeal you desire to enhance the beauty of your home, no matter your goals and preferences.

Windows That Maximize Natural Light

There’s a reason we’re known as the Sunshine State, and specific windows can help you capitalize on that so you can let plenty of natural light into your home. If sunlight is your priority, these are the best window styles to consider:

  • Bay and bow windows – Bay and bow windows are two attractive window styles that extend outward from the home and feature windows at multiple angles. This design is ideal for letting in sunlight from various angles for your home.
  • Picture windows – As a fixed window style, picture windows are available in larger dimensions than other types of windows. This makes them well-suited for large window openings and offers unobstructed views and ample sunlight.
  • Slider windows – Slider windows are another ideal window for letting in plenty of sunlight. Their design is excellent for wider window openings as well, and they come in configurations that include a single sliding window, double sliders, and sliders with a central fixed window to suit your preferences.
  • Geometric windows – Geometric windows can be placed above or alongside other window styles, effectively expanding the size and shape of your windows so that you can enjoy a more attractive aesthetic and more sunlight at the same time.

Windows That Maximize Ventilation

It’s always great to open a window and let in the fresh air when the weather is nice. If you’re looking for the best window styles to maximize ventilation, consider these options for your home:

  • Casement windows – These windows hinge from the side and open like a door to allow the entire window area to be open at once. If you want to maximize ventilation in your home, casement windows can help achieve your goals.
  • Double-hung windows – These windows can open from the top and the bottom, offering versatility and flexibility in your ventilation options.
  • Awning windows – These windows hinge from the top to create an awning when the window is open. They can be left open even when it’s lightly raining outside, as the window sash helps prevent water from entering your home.

During your consultation, our team will help you find the perfect solution for your home.

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