Keeping Windows Safe During Hurricane Season in Florida

Nov 01, 2023

When hurricane season comes around, you may have concerns about the safety of your home. One of the most vulnerable components of a house is its windows. Windows are often vulnerable to shattering from high wind speeds and impacts from debris. This leads to hazardous glass, debris, and water damage that can spread throughout your home. However, there are solutions for reinforcing your windows and keeping them safe during hurricane season in Florida. Let’s dive right into some of the most frequently asked questions about hurricane window protection:

Can my windows withstand a hurricane?

Whether your windows can withstand a hurricane depends on various factors such as their construction, materials, and the strength of the hurricane. Hurricane-resistant windows are specifically designed and tested to withstand the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. They are typically made of impact-resistant glass and have reinforced frames. Regular windows are not designed to handle hurricane conditions and are more likely to shatter or be blown in by strong winds.

What breaks windows during a hurricane?

Windows break during a hurricane primarily due to the high winds and flying debris. The powerful winds of a hurricane can create a pressure difference between the inside and outside of your home, leading to structural failures or shattering of windows. Additionally, objects like tree branches, roof tiles, or debris propelled by hurricane-force winds can impact windows with enough force to break them.

Should you board up your windows during a hurricane?

It is advisable to board up your windows during a hurricane if you don’t have hurricane-resistant windows. Boarding up windows can help protect your home from flying debris and reduce the chances of windows breaking. It’s a temporary measure to enhance window protection during the storm.

How do you protect windows from hurricanes without boards?

To protect windows from hurricanes without using boards, you can consider installing hurricane shutters or hurricane-resistant window replacements. Hurricane shutters are designed to cover windows and provide a strong barrier against debris and wind. Impact-resistant window film is applied directly to the glass and can help hold shattered glass together. Hurricane-resistant window replacements are the most effective long-term solution, as they are designed to withstand hurricane conditions without the need for additional protection.

What makes a window hurricane-proof?

Hurricane-proof windows, also known as impact windows, are designed to resist the impact of flying debris and strong winds during a hurricane. They are typically made with laminated or tempered glass that is reinforced to prevent shattering. The frames of these windows are also reinforced to ensure they remain in place during high winds.

Are double-pane windows hurricane-proof?

Double-pane windows are not necessarily hurricane-proof on their own. While they provide some insulation and strength, they may not be designed to withstand the extreme forces of a hurricane. To be considered hurricane-resistant, windows must undergo specific testing and meet certain standards for impact resistance.

How much wind can hurricane windows take?

The wind capacity of hurricane windows can vary depending on their design and quality. Hurricane-resistant windows are typically tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour (or even higher in some cases). However, the specific wind capacity may vary depending on the product and manufacturer.

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