The Lakeland ReEnergize Program is a Great Way to Finance New Windows and Doors

Mar 28, 2021

Lakeland Electric offers a no interest loan on new windows for many customers

The ReEnergize Lakeland program through Lakeland Electric provides an interest free loan of up to $5,000 for qualified homeowners. This is truly one of those “hidden gems” that most residents don’t know about but could easily take advantage of.

The eligibility is pretty straightforward:

    • Must be a Lakeland Electric customer for at least one year
    • Hold either a Good or Excellent credit rating with Lakeland Electric
    • The property owner of record as listed by the Polk County Property Appraiser of the property to be upgraded
    • A full-time resident of the property to be upgraded
    • Customers must grant the City of Lakeland a lien on the property to be upgraded until the loan is paid in full

If you meet this criterion and are planning on financing your door or window project, you should absolutely consider applying for this option first. Interest accumulates quickly so having an interest free loan will make your new windows or doors that much sweeter.

Even if you have the cash on hand, paying monthly instalments of $100 will still be an attractive option.

Lakeland Electric understands the value of new energy efficient improvements to a home and are actively promoting the installation of windows and doors. This initiative will allow more local homeowners to take advantage of the 10-40% decrease in energy consumption produced by new windows and doors!

There are 11 steps in total to apply, qualify, and be approved for this program. While that may seem daunting at first, working with a Lakeland Electric approved contractor will make the process much easier. I will include the full list at the end of this short article. A few important topics regarding the program:

  • Lakeland Electric has a list of approved contractors for these projects. Polk County Window and Door is 1 of only 3 approved contractors in the Insulation, Windows, and Doors section and 1 of only 9 contractors approved for Window Installation (at the time of writing this). So, rest assured we can complete this project for you if you would like to partner with us on your next home improvement project.
  • There is a recording and release fee that ranges from $63-$100, so keep that minor additional expense in mind.
  • The funding is on a first-come, first served basis, so you want to submit your application as soon as possible. You can reach out to us anytime to assist in this process at or call 863-337-5064.

This program has helped so many local homeowners decrease their energy consumption by having beautiful and easy to maintain doors and windows installed. We wrote this guide to help get the word out about this helpful program and hopefully help you secure interest free financing for your next home improvement project!

Please see the full list of steps to apply and potentially receive funding:

  1. The customer needs to fill out an application (Available under the customers tab).  Scan it, and e-mail it to
  2. The customer will pick a contractor off of our approved contractor list; for their intended project.  We suggest at least 3 bids, but that is up to the customer.
  3. The Contractor will also need to fill out an application.  (Available under the contractors tab) They can scan it and e-mail it back to
  4. A photo of the existing equipment is required. Either the customer, or the contractor can take the photo and e-mail it to DO NOT BEGIN YOUR PROJECT UNTIL AFTER YOU SIGN THE DOCUMENTS.
  5. Once all the paper work and the photo have been submitted to the REEnergize Loan department, the paperwork package is then sent to our attorney’s office for further processing.
  6. Once the attorney’s office has completed the paperwork an appointment is set-up for a signing.
  7. Once the documents are signed, the customer can contact their contractor and have them begin the work.
  8. Once the work is completed, the customer will re-contact the REEnergize Loan Department, and an appointment will be set-up for a post-inspection and funding will be issued. The check is made out to the homeowner, not the contractor.
  9. The installments for the payback are $100 dollars a month.  There is a lien placed on the property until the loan is satisfied.
  10. There is also a one-time filing fee that will be assessed to your utility bill, depending on the length of the closing documents. Typically, for a $5,000 dollar loan it has been about $90.50.
  11. Please make note of the following: In the event of the sale, conveyance, assignment or transfer of the property encumbered by this mortgage in any manner, the entire remaining balance shall be immediately due and payable without notice.

If you have any questions at all on this program or would like assistance applying, please let us know! We would be happy to assist. You can email us at or call 863-337-5064.

Thank you!

The Team at Polk County Window and Door